As a business page on Facebook, you’re competing for the attention amongst adorable baby photos, enticing events around town and important news. What kind of content should you create to reach your audience and get them to engage with your business? Does it depend on the type of media? Is it the messaging? Is it how often you post on Facebook? It all depends...on your audience. Not your friends or family (unless they use your business), not robots — the content should be made for your customer and potential customers.

If you’re unsure on what that content looks like, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re sharing the most effective types of content you should be creating now for your Facebook business page.

Five Types of Content for Your Facebook Business Page

  1. Show them.  It can be a picture, collage, graph, infographic or video. Historically, images perform better on Facebook than stand-alone text posts. Choose a compelling image to grab your audience’s attention, but make sure it’s relevant to your brand and message. If you’re putting text on an image, keep it brief and straightforward. For paid social media ads, use the Text Overlay Tool target="_blank" to ensure that your text doesn’t go over the 20 percent rule. Otherwise, your ad may not run. According to Hubspot, “43 percent of people want to see more video content from marketers.” If you don’t have videos on your Facebook page, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.
  2. Make them cry. ...we’re sort of joking about making your audience cry, but have you’ve seen the P&G “Thank you, Mom” ad

    It’s a classic. Why do you remember the ad? It tugs on your heartstrings. Like we mention earlier, you’re not writing for robots, you’re writing for humans. Think about your audience and what emotions you want to associate your business with. Remember, crying isn’t the only emotion, you can make them laugh or entertain your audience too.

  3. Ask them a question. Leaving your Facebook post open-ended can be beneficial for your business and audience. Everyone wants to be heard and wants to know your business is listening. Your business page gives you an opportunity to ask how you can provide a better experience (product or service). Maybe you’ll discover a new opportunity with your audience. You won’t know until you ask.
  4. Teach them something. Educating your audience is a classic type of content on Facebook. If your product or service is complex, this is the perfect opportunity explain it in a way your audience can understand it. Infographics are a great way to teach your audience by combining visual content with educational content. Sharing your advice and experience in the industry can establish your expertise in a specific subject matter. The key to informational content is that your audience has something (even if it’s one thing) to take away from your post.
  5. Give them an incentive.  How do retailers get you in the door? A promotion or discount. You can do this through your Facebook page too. Can you sense a pattern now? When a reader is scrolling through her Newsfeed, she’ll ask herself, “What’s in it for me?” What is the benefit? If you want more engagement on your page, try running a contest or giveaway that includes audience participation.

You might find that a combination of two or more types of content work best for your page, so create a strategy and then experiment. There are different types of engagement on a Facebook post: a click to your website/landing page/phone call, like, comment or share. Set goals in your strategy, including a way to track your engagements and pay attention to what provides the most robust ROI. If you don’t have a paid social media marketing strategy in place, it’s time to start thinking about one. According to Sprout Social, Facebook is the most popular social media advertising channel and “93 percent of advertisers use Facebook Ads.” Paid social media campaigns (i.e. Boosting posts, Website Clicks, etc.) have better chances of increasing exposure and engagement versus organic posts. 

With the right branding, web design and marketing strategy, you can boost your business’s digital marketing efforts. Take a look at our portfolio to see how we’ve helped our clients enhance their branding and digital marketing efforts. Contact us and find out how our digital marketing specialists partner with you to accomplish your business’s goals.